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Developed by a leading peripheral nerve surgeon, and backed by years of clinical research.

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NeuroGen® Advanced Nerve Support Supplement

NeuroGen® Nerve Support Supplement is helping patients who suffer with symptoms of neuropathy. Find out why so many people have discovered real relief from a powerful new supplement.

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Nerve Supplements for Improving Life

At NeuroPharmaca, we understand the importance of a healthy mind and body. When symptoms such as nerve pain, numbness or weakness impact your daily activities, it can be absolutely life-changing. There are millions of Americans who live with peripheral neuropathy, everyday. Our company has remained focused on pioneering safe and effective supplements that can provide relief for people who suffer from nerve conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetic neuropathy, sciatica and more.

Our philosophy is that proper nerve function can be influenced by nutritional supplementation. Through advanced scientific research, breakthrough products have been developed to target symptoms and promote regenerative activity within the body. Clinical studies have shown which key ingredients have the greatest impact on neuropathy.

For active adults, we are also developing products that can tap into the power of the body’s nervous system to naturally enhance mental clarity, athletic performance and recovery from exercise. We fundamentally believe in the power of motion, and by providing exciting new innovations that can improve fitness and mental alertness, we hope to change lives. Health matters, and that’s why we can’t think of a better goal.

NeuroPharmaca products are physician-developed through real clinical research, and manufactured under the highest quality standards in the industry. Our formulas contain full amounts of each ingredient that may provide the results found in clinical studies. We are also transparent about what goes into our products, and we provide details on every ingredient’s purpose and its action on the body.

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Physician Developed Clinically Researched

Scottsdale, Arizona surgeon Dr. Michael Fitzmaurice developed NeuroGen® Nerve Supplement system to offer his patients the finest supplement available to address the symptoms of neuropathy. Our patent-pending formula has already helped many people who suffer from nerve pain, weakness, tingling and numbness.

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Michael Fitzmaurice, MD